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S'more Baltimore Book Festival - Knight Stand
Wonders & Wanderings

Date: 2013-10-01 23:30
Subject: S'more Baltimore Book Festival
Security: Public
Location:Newark DE
Music:"Escape" - Rupert Holmes
Tags:baltimore, books, sf, writers
  Still riding a high from the Festival and contemplating a few people I met who I neglected to mention in my last entry, reminds me I should tip a hat:

  Michael Underwood -- with whom I discussed poet Dylan Thomas because for me Mike's surname evoked Thomas' Under Milk Wood, which was a new one on Mr. Underwood whose experience with fen associated the name with Tolkien.  Please buy Mike's Geekomancy.

  RJ Tolson -- This young man has a résumé that a person twice his age would envy:  philanthropist, writer, composer-musician, athlete, model.  Despite this, RJ appears affable and without presumption in person.

  Chuck Gannon -- I didn't interact much with this Baen author, who seemed always to being headed hither while I was going yon.

  George Peabody -- merchant-philanthropist, patron of the Peabody Institute, outside of which the SFFWA pavilion was located, in Mt. Vernon Park:

George Peabody

  George seemed highly intent on watching over our SFFWA doings.
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